Information is Power,
But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.
India’s entire legal system of primary law, the court opinions, original law source ,
government notifications and clarifications , the collective work of legal scholars
 is being increasingly locked up by Private Corporations for Profit.
If you need to understand the implications of a enactment affecting
your client’s business or interests, you have to pay enormous subscription
amounts to publishers to be able to access the legal repository.
At times since there are very few  professionals contributing to that knowledge base,
basic information on a particular legal issue might not even be available.
Ensuring Equal Access to Law Literature is a crucial step towards
upholding the RIGHTS of the Citizens of the World Largest Democracy.
We at Legal Wiki are part of the Global Open Access Movement fighting to ensure
that Legal Professionals do not sign their copyrights away
but instead ensure their work is published on free on the Internet,
under terms that allow anyone to access it.
Legal Wiki aims to be repository of the complete Indian Legal system ,
just like wikipedia anyone can contribute to the wiki ,
improve the existing content and get credit for it.
With enough of us , well not just send a strong message
opposing the privatisation of knowledge –
we’ll make it a thing of past .
Will you Join us ?
Lets Bring Public Access to Public Domain Knowledge
 Manifesto has been adapted from Aaron Swartz open access movement
All work on Legal Wiki will be licensed under Creative Commons License.

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