Legal system is the backbone of Indian Democracy.

Although case law is technically public domain,

the legal decisions that interpret and apply statutory law are often scattered across the Internet,

locked up in proprietary systems, and only available by paying exorbitant fees.

This project is aimed at making the judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India

freely available to Public in exportable data form.

Fully searchable according which includes a free text search and search by

parameters such as Case Type , Bench Type , Question of Law involved and other relevant parameters.

The project also involves creating meta data with regards to the

Judgments and Office Report ( Reigstrar) of the Supreme Court

which can then give statistics such as

General Case Duration of the Court , 

Win / Loss Ratio of a Particular Attorney

General Stand of Judge with respect to Particular Case Type

Judicial Back Log and Pace of Working

and many other Brilliant Insights into the working of the Apex Court .

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